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Bring Your Story to Life

I am passionate about stories. I believe we all have stories buried inside us, waiting to emerge. Some are emotional tales of struggle and triumph or of love and loss. Some are deeply considered works of scientific, spiritual, or philosophical discovery. Whatever your story, if you are ready to tell it, I am ready to help you complete the journey.
As an editor, my job is to help you organize and refine your writing while retaining your unique voice and perspective. I will work with you to smooth any rough edges, making your writing shine and allowing you to publish or share it with your chosen audience with confidence. If you don't consider yourself a writer and are looking for someone to write your story for you in your voice, using your notes and interviews, I am also available for ghostwriting projects. Read on for more information on my approach below, visit my FAQ page for even more information, or Contact Me now to discuss working together on your story.

Memoirs and More: The Process

You have probably spent months or even years on your manuscript. The contents are personal: a recounting of your life's significant events, the results of an inner journey, or a thoughtfully worded exposition of your theories and beliefs. If you find the idea of handing your work over to an editor a bit intimidating, well...that's not surprising. But as an editor, I'm not here to judge; our relationship should be supportive and collaborative, not confrontational.


If you have stories, notes, and memories, but not a finished manuscript, I can still help you. We will work together as you send me material and join me for online interviews. This process takes longer than editing a manuscript, but it can be an effective and satisfying method of bringing your story to life. 

About me (and the process)
Whether I am editing or writing your life story, my task is to understand you, your voice, and your approach to writing, and then work within that to make your material shine. Born in the US and now living in Canada, I have clients living all over the world. I've had the privilege of working with people and stories from a wide selection of backgrounds and outlooks, every one of them requiring a slightly different approach. But, whatever the specific content, the process is always built on a continuous flow of communication.
Once we agree to work together, I will begin sending you sections of the manuscript with changes tracked (visible) so that you can see what I have done. Generally, I will send you completed material daily, although the frequency can be adjusted to fit your schedule. After reading each section, you can respond with comments or additional changes. We'll continue this collaborative process through the end of the manuscript and then conduct a final round of proofreading on the results.

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like to find out more, you can contact me using my online form. I will respond promptly, generally within one business day, and will ask you for more information. I will want to know a bit about you and your manuscript—the subject matter, how long it is (by word count), and whether you have a deadline. I will probably also ask to see a sample of the material to help me judge the degree of editing necessary. Once I have all of the information I need, I can provide a quote for the cost of the project.

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Manuscripts vary in length and amount of editing needed, so costs can cover a broad range. You will find examples of fees for specific projects here on my FAQ page. Once you've read through it, I'm happy to answer additional questions about the process. Just click the button below to fill out the contact form, and I'll be in touch!

Umoja Vaughn, Author (Memoir)

"You always made it about me. There was no battle about who was telling the story. You made me feel certain that I knew you were providing a service to me. I appreciate your tone and the strong support I felt from you.  I may never hit the best seller's list, but I have achieved yet another goal in my life that reassures me that I have risen from the ashes and I lived to tell the story. THANK YOU!"

Michael Tortorello, Author
(Autobiographical Fiction)

There is a plethora of editors available for hire on book editing websites.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the best editors.  I have found the most magnificent editor for your publication: Heidi Ragsdale,  of Text Perfected. She edited my book Live Like You Are Dying, and her work exceeded my expectations. She clarified and beautified my prose with perfect word choices and grammatically correct word groups and phrases. Heidi's attention to detail, timely work performance, and comprehensive research of data are unmatched and impeccable."

Cedric Egeli, Artist
(Autobiographical non-fiction)

I consider myself very lucky to have found Heidi. My book was written over a lifetime of unending discoveries. She was able to take my book and reorganize it so that it read in an interesting, sequential manner. Her editing and occasional rewriting was, I believe, something that only an extremely capable person could accomplish. All her work made my original style even better. 
Everything was done in a very business-like and timely manner. Thank you, Heidi."

Nashaat Boutros, Neuroscientist 
(Autobiographical manuscript)

This was my first time seeking professional editing for my manuscript. While I was worried about the cost, I ended up concluding that it was worth every penny. The editing was thorough and masterful. The service was fast and courteous. I plan to use the service again and I strongly recommend it—even for native English speakers."

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