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Writing, Editing, Proofreading


What you've written is your connection to the world. You want to present your best face: to  your clients, your employer, your audience. Whether you need someone to craft your raw musings into a streamlined, persuasive piece, or just someone to cast one final critical eye over your completed masterpiece—I can help. 

I provide everything from content creation to structural, stylistic, or copy editing, to detailed proofreading, fact-checking, and indexing.

I understand that your style and voice are your own. My job is to refine and amplify that voice, making you shine for your readers.
For more details, check out my FAQ page.



My name is Heidi. I have always been intrigued by words, language, and the way our choices can impact our communication. I also have an enduring love of learning: researching new topics, hearing people's stories, and unraveling the psychology behind the message. 

After finishing my degree in philosophy I studied cognitive science for two more years at university. Later, I took college courses in magazine journalism and completed a certificate in editing. 

I have traveled throughout Europe and North America and worked in academic publishing, instructional technology, and corporate communications before narrowing my focus on editing. I continue to pursue interests in music, languages, science, and technology. If you would like my help with written work in some area of knowledge not mentioned here, just reach out. Every new project presents an opportunity to learn, and I may be ready to add a new specialty to my list. I look forward to hearing from you!

Legal Research and Writing


As an American now living in Canada, I work with people throughout North America and around the world. My clients cover a broad spectrum: academics, scientists, life coaches, IT professionals, CPAs,  entrepreneurs, and ordinary people who want to tell their stories.  I don't limit my clientele based on their geography, profession, or area of interest. If I believe I can help you bring your content to life or smooth its rough edges, I will be happy to work with you. Contact me through the form below if you think I may be able to help you, too.


“Heidi does a great job at taking what I've said and turning it into what I meant. She has made blog content, web copy and marketing material come alive in a way that immediately connects with our clients. Heidi is now an indispensable part of my writing process.”

Charles Reynolds, CPO, Corporate Development Firm

"You always made it about me. There was no battle about who was telling the story. You made me feel certain that I knew you were providing a service to me. I appreciate your tone and the strong support I felt from you.  I may never hit the best seller's list, but I have achieved yet another goal in my life that reassures me that I have risen from the ashes and I lived to tell the story. THANK YOU!"

Umoja Vaughn, Author (Memoir)

“Heidi pinpointed everything and really perfected this. The chapters are excellent, so smooth. When I felt stuck in the unresolved layers remaining, she helped us to see the project with renewed clarity. Her work has greatly enhanced the book.”

Sable Knapp, Editor/Author (Non-fiction book)

"When it comes to Heidi, two words jump to mind: thorough and meticulous.
Heidi is a no-stone-unturned, no-detail-overlooked professional who has a rare and inherent love of the minuscule components that complete a larger picture.
We’ve had an ongoing professional relationship since 2016, and I’ve consistently observed the same quality and commitment to the entirety from Heidi, as well as an inquisitiveness that often results in game-changing considerations that might otherwise be overlooked.
She’s been my go-to person many times when I’ve needed another perspective, a sharp eye & mind, and an honest critique…  someone to show me what I am missing. She’s clever, sincere, and genuinely devoted to achieving her client’s objective while staying true to her own unwavering standards of excellence."

Rachel Landry, Writer

"I consider myself very lucky to have found Heidi. My book was written over a lifetime of unending discoveries. She was able to take my book and reorganize it so that it read in an interesting, sequential manner. Her editing and occasional rewriting was, I believe, something that only an extremely capable person could accomplish. All her work made my original style even better. 
Everything was done in a very business-like and timely manner. Thank you, Heidi."


Cedric Egeli, Artist and Author (Autobiographical non-fiction)

"Heidi, I thank you for your great work. You possess the inherent magic to turn a text into something more vivid, idiomatic and unforgettable. With this magic, you have given new energy to the text, for which I am grateful to you. Maggie and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you as a team."

Mamtimin Ala, Scholar and Author (Non-fiction)

"This is my first time seeking professional editing for my manuscript. While I was worried about the cost, I ended up concluding that it was worth every penny. The editing was thorough and masterful. The service was fast and courteous. I plan to use the service again and I strongly recommend it even for native English speakers."

Nashaat Boutros, Neuroscientist and Author (Autobiographical manuscript)

"Heidi/Text Perfected has been our first choice to proofread and edit our quick reference guides for well over a decade. She is skilled at detecting ambiguity and awkward wording and is able to offer creative solutions to address these problems. In addition to her skill with words, Heidi is also highly reliable and has a keen awareness of the needs of the client."

Beatrice Upenieks, Business Owner (Technology)



My FAQ page contains information on pricing and the types of editing I provide; I recommend reading through it first. If you're ready to explore working together, you can use this form to contact me. Tell me a bit about your project, and I will get back to you shortly to continue the conversation.

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